Nod Ghosh

Novels, short fiction & poetry

Fictive Dream - When My Uncle Looks at My Ankles

National Flash Fiction Day Flash Flood - Bread Pudding.

Meniscus (p121) - Philately

FIctive Dream February flash series - Man Parts

Fictive Dream - Five Fish

Flash Frontier - Hands

Spelk Fiction - M to F Weekdays

Worthing Flash - Granddad’s Crabmeat.

Takahe - Muscle

Sleaze Mag - Pipkin Flies & Vegetables

Fictive Dream - Scratch

Spelk Fiction - Misty

FIVE:2:ONE - Dog Days

Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series - Echoes

Transnational Queer Underground - The Group

New Flash Fiction Review - Where Your Eyes Used to Be

North and South Magazine 'NOTED' site: - Different Fathers & Bone Without  Grave

Fictive Dream - The Size of the Lie

New Flash Fiction Review - Laboratory. The stories featured here use one or more of the words the US government advised the Center for Disease Control not to use in funding applications. The terms are: fetus, science-based, evidence-based, entitlement, vulnerable, transgender and diversity.

Page & Spine - The Better of Her

Thief Fiction - Woman of Glass

Quick Brown Dog (HWI journal) - Bhagubhai's Thumb.

Diaphanous - Butterfly Tears and One of Your Hairs

Fictive Dream - The Basket

Flash Fiction Magazine - The Price of Knowing Too Much

Ink Sweat & Tears - Blood Displaces Water

We are a Website - Bagdogra Airport

Alluvia - Balloon Phobia and God

Bath Flash Fiction Award - The Cool Box

Fictive Dream - Rabbit

Blue Fifth Review - The Night my Sister Leaves

Anti-Heroin Chic - Teriyaki Sandwiches and the Girl with Sepia Hair

London Grip - The Lake

Peacock Journal - Renewal

Connotation Press - Wrangthorn Avenue

Spelk - Clifford

Firefly Magazine - Sticky

Pif Magazine - The Spider with Seven Legs

Brilliant Flash Fiction - Heaven Street

Brilliant Flash Fiction - A Day to Remember

Dime Show Review - Frog in the Bathroom

Strange Poetry - Tongue

Flash Fiction Press - Flash

Tribe Media 'Thief' - Cappuccino and Danish Pastry

'True' from Truth Serum Press - Sister

Peacock Journal - Bluestone Beetles

FewerThan500 - Wolf Biles

Brilliant Flash Fiction - The In-Tray, Five Thousand and Nine

The Ham - Elusive (p71-3)

Hektoen International - The Thickening of Blood

Degenerate Literature - Appetite

Spelk - The Evolution of Fur

Flash Fiction Magazine - Shadow

Pure Slush - Patissier

The Flash Fiction Press - O

The Airgonaut - Leaving Chriyat

Takahē - horse

Firefly Magazine - Bleached Crab

Alternative Bindings - Seven Lesbians and a Bar of Soap.

Brilliant Flash Fiction - Cerise

Head Lines NZ - Sailfins, Forgotten Skin

The Citron Review - Harborne High Street

Firefly Magazine  - The Carpet

Firefly Magazine  - Umnath & Quince Jelly

The Quick Brown Dog - Powerful Drugs (Excerpt from "Hidden Truths")

Flash FrontierThe Science Project

Flash Frontier - The Wedding

Flash Frontier - Bearwood

Flash Frontier - Simon

Flash Frontier - Decline (Pushcart nominated)

Flash Frontier - Ahu

Flash Frontier - Vacuum Cleaner Man

Flash Frontier - Wet

Christchurch Press - I Was One of the Nerdy Kids

The Wolf Runs Out of Tears - Penduline Press

Diminishing - reading on McGuffin

Diminishing - Penduline Press

Hartington - Penduline Press

Falling - Catalyst