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Welcome to 'features'. This page showcases news items from the world of writing and includes interviews with authors.

  • Thanks to 'North and South' Magazine for placing 'Different Fathers' as one of the runners up in their short short story competition. Writer friends Sue Kingham (1st) and Zoë Meager (runner up) were also placed in this competition.  Also 'Alternative Bindings for placing 'Way Out West' equal first in their short story competition. (11.2.18).
  • 2nd February 2018: Excited to discover my story 'Different Fathers' has been shortlisted (short-shortlisted?) in the 'North and South Magazine' short short story competition. If you like Barry Manilow, you may or may not identify with this piece. Find out, if they decide the publish all the short listed flash fictions.
  • 9th January 2018: Thanks to Jude Higgins for the mention in this interview about flash fiction in Smokelong Quarterly.
  • 18th December 2017: I have reached that point where I'm two chapters away from finishing the first draft of 'Paper Prison'. It's quite debilitating, as all I want to do is stay at home and write, while all the timelines and threads and loose ends are floating about in my head. I have booked a day off work tomorrow, and hope I haven't forgotten vital facts like how old the various generations of the family of characters are in the different time lines. Hopefully, it contributes to the plasticity of my neurones, rather than making me into a neurotic wreck.
  • Thanks to Jude Higgins at Bath Flash Fiction Award for this interview about writing, hoarding and other stuff. (4.12.17)
  • Honoured to have been given the chance to judge a poetry competition for the South Island Writers' Association last night. Not quite sure how the rumour about my knowing anything about  poetry arose.


  • Just over halfway through the novel 'Paper Prison'. (10.11.17).
19 Paper Tower 2017-07-05 at 5.20.46 pm.png
  • Enjoyed reading at the Canterbury Poets' Collective on 18th October.
  • Truth Serum Volume II 'Wiser' available now. Includes my story 'Miss Palmerston'S Ring'. (13.9.17)
  • As solstice approaches, it's time to enjoy brief stories to go with the short hours of (Southern) light or (Northern) darkness. My story 'Umnath' will be up on Flash Flood at 14.40 (BST) on 24th June 2017.
  • So pleased to see Eileen Merriman's novel 'Pieces of You' taking off into the world of Young Adult classics. 'Flash Frontier' interviews Eileen about the novel and the writing process here.
  • Also, read Dionne Cristian's article on issues covered in 'Pieces of You' in the 'New Zealand Herald'. 10.6.17
  • Jake Bailey's book, 'What Cancer Taught Me' was released today. Here is my review. (15.5.17)
  • Here's more about the new Flash Fiction on Helen Lowe's site.
  • Here's a link outlining details for Hysteria's flash fiction competition. Writer in residence Alex Reece Abbott invited people in the flash field to provide some suggestions to help authors submitting entries. (9.4.17)
  • There is a small rodent in my stomach doing backflips. I think it is called excitement. Never thought I'd have work on a long list of a Bath Flash Fiction competition. Their inaugural novella in flash competition long list was announced 21.3.17. I can't tell you which title is mine yet, but check out some of the cool titles in the list. Makes me want to read them all. :)
  • An odd week for creativity. The Port Hills fires have been raging, and then smouldering. Hard to critique, proofread or write when helicopters trailing monsoon buckets are flying past the window. (18.2.17)
  • Thanks to 'FewerThan500' magazine for this interview (1.2.17).
  • Many thanks to judge Dr. Abigail Favale, Aurore Lebas and the team at 'Brilliant Flash Fiction' for including 'The In-Tray, Five Thousand and Nine' in the shortlist for their 'Aftermath' flash competition. (27.1.17)
  • Congratulations to Sam Averis, web-maestro from 'Flash Frontier' on winning the Margaret Mahy award at the Hagley Writers' Institute.
  • Looking forward to the December 16 issue of Flash Frontier, featuring micro fiction up to 100 words, and a roundtable discussion with authors of the top three stories from June's micro features at 'National Flash Fiction Day'.
  • Early in the twentieth century, a young woman called Prativa embroidered a lotus, but deliberately left it unfinished. You can read the story about Prativa, my grandmother, in 'Long Exposure' magazine.
  • Read the inaugural on-line issue of Takahē arts magazine here. I was honoured to be asked to submit for the guest fiction spot. Some contributors will be reading at the 'Twisted Hop' tonight. (10.8.16).


  • Congratulations to Eileen Merriman (see interview below), on signing a contract with Penguin Random House for her young adult novel "Pieces of You". (12.7.16)
  • New Zealand National Flash Fiction Day events are underway. Various celebrations across the country on 22nd June. Click here for the competition shortlist. Have a look at the "Micro Madness" entries too whilst you're on the site.


  • Shelby Allan is a student at Christchurch's School for Young Writers. She talks about her craft.

interview with shelby allan

  • Vivienne Plumb was my supervisor at the Hagley Writers' Institute in 2014, and has kindly agreed to to be interviewed.

interview with vivienne plumb


  • Tākahe magazine will be launching its first on-line issue in August. Meanwhile, I've been enjoying the April issue.
  • 'LEAVING THE RED ZONE' earthquake anthology launched tonight, 29.2.16. Listen to editors Joanna Preston and James Norcliffe interviewed on RNZ at the weekend here.
  • Frankie McMillan, author, poet, teacher, speaks about her writing.

interview with frankie mcmillan

  • Flash Frontier open for submissions: the theme is "Dance".



  • Norman Bilbrough award winning author who has been published over many years talks about his craft.

interview with norman bilbrough


  • Heather McQuillan talks about her project with migrant kids, and the importance of liaising with other writers in the latest interview. Click on the link below:

interview with heather mcquillan


  • Here is the second interview, with PATRICK PINK. Patrick's work has frequently appeared in Flash Frontier, and several other  literary sites. Click below for further details.

interview with patrick pink


  • A decision has been made to stop publishing a poem in "The Press" in Christchurch.  How do you feel poetry figures in everyday life for the general public
  • Click on the link below for more thoughts, and send a message via 'contacts' with your comments.
  • How do you feel poetry figures in the everyday lives of ordinary people? Dec 15.
  • More thoughts on the poem in the press


  • Here is the first interview with EILEEN MERRIMAN. Eileen has been my critique partner for nearly three years. She is a talented writer and has enjoyed a great deal of success in recent competitions in New Zealand and beyond 30.11.15.


  • Click on the link below:

interview with eileen merriman


Hello, I'm Nod.

Hello, I'm Nod.